Learn More About Flower City Down Syndrome Network

Flower City Down Syndrome Network

The Flower City Down Syndrome Network is a not-for-profit corporation under New York State laws. Our mission is to provide education, support, and opportunities to people with Down syndrome and their families. We operate in the Greater Rochester area and are a network of families, professionals, self-advocates, and friends who all share in the joys and challenges of a Down syndrome diagnosis. We know that people with Down syndrome have valuable contributions to make to their communities and we work to ensure that their full potential is met and that they are included in every aspect of their communities. We know firsthand what you are experiencing and we are here to answer any and all questions about Down syndrome.

History of the Network

The FCDSN has been serving the families and community members of the Greater Rochester area since 1991. The FCDSN was created by a small group of parents who saw a need to help educate and support Rochester area families and community members that had been touched by Down syndrome.

Board of Directors

The FCDSN is guided by a Board of Directors that is responsible for developoing policies related to all aspects of the organization. Our Board currently numbers 19 and comprises community representatives, family members and self-advocates who serve based on their personal experience, passion and expertise.

Friends of the Network

The FCDSN would like to take this opportunity to thank our many partners, sponsors, volunteers and others who have donated their time or money to support area people with Down syndrome and their families. Please take a moment to help us thank our friends.

A message from our President

Brian-Callahan-2Thank you for visiting Flower City Down Syndrome Network (FCDSN). FCDSN is dedicated to serving our members and the Down Syndrome community at large. Our mission is simple – to work hard to advocate for the value, inclusion and acceptance of people with Down syndrome. There are many perceptions about Down syndrome, and usually those perceptions usually focus on the differences. But really those with Down syndrome share more in common with typical children and adults than is mostly understood. There are many examples of individuals who are actors, business owners, artists, models, political advocates, exercise instructors and others leading independent, creative and adventurous lives. But awareness of these abilities and potentials is our strongest message. We work hard to educate our community and prepare the way for our children and adults to accept challenges, overcome weaknesses and seek out opportunity, and prepare those who might be able to provide those opportunities, so they can be educated and accepting. Feel free to contact us is you would like more information. There are many volunteer opportunities, or you can donate if you would like to help those with Down syndrome in your community.